Improving Consumer Buying Experience with the Best COVID-19 Procedures

Improving Consumer Buying Experience with the Best COVID-19 Procedures

The devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have influenced both lifestyles and businesses globally. This has resulted in governments taking protective action, ranging from full to partial lockdowns. Different countries are currently at various stages of the pandemic, with some countries beginning to ease their restrictions to allow businesses and citizens greater freedom.

Different roadmaps towards a “new normal” have been laid down, though social distancing forms the foundation of most strategies. Every sector within the economy is mandated to ensure that citizens maintain a safe distance from each other in their roles as vendors, employees, and consumers. This slows down trade and business, as just a limited number of customers can be served per time, resulting in lower profitability.

However, e-commerce businesses continue to thrive, including the online home décor market, which has gradually and steadily picked pace within the pandemic. According to Statista, the traffic on home décor and furnishing platforms globally, between January and March 2020, increased by 7%. With millions of people across the globe being forced to stay at home by the coronavirus pandemic to prevent its spread, numerous individuals require setups that they didn't have in place before.

At Casiavy, we thrive to provide consumers with top-notch solutions, either for pleasure or utilitarian purposes. We are aware of the growing influence of the “on-demand economy” and the “always-on” culture of consumers. During this coronavirus pandemic, most customers now want to shop whenever they want with little to no effort. This trend is predicted to grow stronger post-pandemic.

Casiavy is conscious of the four primary consumer needs, which form the basis of the on-demand culture:

  • Customization: We offer products and services which are unique to our clients.
  • Instant Gratification: We know that it’s a time-sensitive market and people need to shop for what they want when they need it. Therefore, we consistently optimize our order communication and stock management systems while ensuring products get to you at the shortest delivery time possible.
  • Convenience: We ensure that you can order and receive products with no effort or hassle.
  • Participation: Our business model's transparency ensures that our clients can get involved and express themselves by giving feedback.

Furthermore, we consistently deploy the appropriate Safety, Hygiene, and Security protocols in-line with the COVID-19 guidelines to cater to consumers needs. As customer anxiety increases during the pandemic, Casiavy is sensitive towards solving these fears. Consumer mindsets have transitioned from the one looking for experiences before COVID-19 to seeking security and safety in this current global situation.

Finally, we are conscious of the role of trust in this uncertain environment; that's why we're consistently building a brand that promotes trust and reliability. A significant disadvantage of home décor e-commerce during this pandemic is that buyers cannot touch and feel the products, resulting in the return of goods. Often, individuals feel that the product they’ve ordered online is entirely different from what’s been delivered. Casiavy is investing in photoshoots of our products to ensure that customers don’t feel misled all through their buying experience. We are also increasing efforts to provide a detailed description of products. We thrive on creating trust in consumers lives by being empathetic while reassuring, empowering, and supporting them during their buying experience.

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